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Chinh Son Tea is a leading tea manufactures in Vietnam. Every year, we supply over 10,000 tons of Vietnam tea to the domestic market and export to the 5 most demanding countries.

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Vietnam Tea Manufactures, Exporter

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Vietnam Tea Products

As a tea producer with nearly 20 years of experience, the batches of tea we produce carry a typical flavor of Vietnamese tea. Our types of green tea, black tea, olong tea, matcha ... are produced on modern production lines with new technology.

Instant Tea

Instant tea is a balanced combination of the acrid taste of tea, the sweetness of sugar, the richness of the cream and milk. Stimulate all of your senses while enjoying them daily.

Sachet Tea

Sanchets tea is the perfect addition to the aroma of tropical fruits with the deep aroma of Vietnamese tea. The product is packaged in a convenient filter bag for daily use.

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Loose Tea

Tea leaf are carefully selected from young tea buds grown on a plateau of 1,500 meters. The product is of the highest quality with green water color, the sweet taste is deposited in every tea drop
Enjoy matcha anytime, anywhere
The first matcha brand in Vietnam
Organic matcha high-quality
High antioxidant content
Rich in minerals and vitamins

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ChinhSon® Matcha Latte

Our garden

With the advantages of climate and soil of the plateau over 1,500m in the North of Vietnam, it is suitable for the development of tea plants. Provides us with excellent raw materials to produce the best quality tea batches, bringing the typical taste of Vietnamese tea.
The raw material area of more than 200 hectares of Chinh Son is strictly controlled from farm preparation, planting to harvesting, and post-harvest preservation. Relevant factors such as: environment, chemicals, pesticides, packaging, working conditions and well-being of tea farmers and farm workers are of great importance to us. at Chinh Son.

Our certificates

Ensuring product quality and safety is an extreme priority that Tra Chinh Son sets out. Our Quality Management System is evaluated and validated by independent certification bodies to demonstrate compliance with internal standards, ISO standards, legislation and regulatory requirements.

Our customer

Great! The batches of Vietnamese tea produced by Chinh Son have been welcomed by customers and exported to the most demanding markets in the world such as Japan, Taiwan, Russia ...

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Do your favorite job of increasing your profits. Let the production of high quality Vietnamese tea to the best unit, Chinh Son. Now, all you have to do is contact us.


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